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The LIBERATE  Program

Online work meeting

The LIBERATE Program is a 6-month study and program that focuses on patient driven lifestyle changes. A program participant will engage in virtual group discussions that include behavioural coaching and experiential learning via a trained Certified Diabetes Educator facilitator.

A large component of this program is the use of FreeStyle Libre 2 sensors (flash glucose monitors) and specialized coaching on how to use the sensors. Coaching focuses on supporting and guiding a person to make food and activity choices that optimize their type 2 diabetes AND results in sustainable, healthy changes that work for their values and lifestyles.


The Four Pillars of LIBERATE

There are four main pillars of the LIBERATE Program: the Libra-based behavioural coaching, FreeStyle Libre 2 Sensors, FitBit Inspire 2, and exercise prescriptions.

Libre-based Behavioural Coaching

  • Coaching will occur on virtual group meetings. A Certified Diabetes Educator will facilitate group discussions to increase experiential learning.

  • Exercise and nutrition content will be integrated into group discussions.

  • Bi-weekly classes for first 12 weeks

  • Monthly classes last 12 weeks (supporting transition to behaviour maintenance phases)


FreeStyle Libre 2 sensors

  • Throughout the study, in total, 9 sensors will be provided.

  • These sensors are to be used frequently, scanned at least every 8 hours.

  • Participants will be guided on how to use and interpret information in a meaningful way, so that they can make food, activity and medication choices intentionally.

    • Six sensors used bi-weekly for 12 weeks

    • Three sensors used optionally for last 12 week


FitBit Inspire 2 trackers

  • The FitBit Inspire 2 devices will be used as another self-monitoring device to help track daily steps, hourly movement and activity minutes.


Exercise Prescriptions

  • We will also have a Registered Kinesiologist providing brief exercise counselling and prescriptions on a bi-weekly basis as well. Our goal is to work with participants, meeting them where they are at and helping them make small steps towards healthy changes.

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